5 Reasons Pilates is the Ideal Workout

For most people, exercise is a necessary evil. It is something you have to do in order to look and feel your best. When looking for a workout routine, you may encounter countless options, all promising great results and prime physical fitness. One of the best workout regimens you can take part in is pilates.

Similar to yoga, pilates is an exercise regimen that works to strengthen your core and muscles through low-impact flexibility movements. Your endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility will be improved through regular pilates. Included here are a few reasons pilates is the ideal workout for you.

Attain Perfect Abs

Having defined abs is the dream of almost any fitness buff. Getting rid of your “insulation” around your six-pack can help you feel confident whether you are trying out a new bikini or being picked for the “skins” team. After 36 weeks of pilates training, most women experienced a strengthening of their rectus abdominis by 21% on average. Imagine simply spending your fall and winter working out to have a primed beach body by summer!

Reduce Back Pain

Nobody enjoys experiencing chronic pain but, for many Americans, lower back pain is a daily struggle. For most individuals struggling with this pain, just four weeks of pilates offered a significant amount of relief. Most experts agree that the strengthening of your core muscle groups through pilates helps to prevent lower back distress and reduce pain over time.

Mild Joint Strain

At some point in your life you are likely to face some issues with your joints. The easier you go on your knees throughout your life, the stronger they may be in your old age. Many avid runners find that, after many years of running exercise, they are no longer able to perform well due to joint pain. For those who struggle with joint pain and need low-impact exercise, pilates is the ideal workout. You can strengthen your muscles and endurance, while toning your core, without enduring painful joints. Should you feel like you may need some extra support while you are doing your pilates, you may wish to consider a CBD patch from somewhere like island therapeutics that will release the CBD constantly to keep you supported throughout the entire day, including your workout time.

Reduce Stress

In many exercises, you are working your body but your mind isn’t fully present. When doing pilates, you must concentrate on aligning your breath and movement to create a fluid exercise. This intense concentration requires all of your brain power, eliminating stressful mind wandering. While in other exercises you are free to be consumed with worry, pilates requires a focus that encourages a calming experience.

Improved Intimacy

While Cosmo may give you 101 different ways to spice up your sex life, it may be as simple as working your core. Getting physically fit, especially in your core muscles, gives you a much more satisfying sex life. Before you head out to purchase gimmicks, try heading to the gym once a week for a pilates class instead.

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