5 Health Issues Men Tend to Ignore

Men are not exactly famous for actively managing their health. In fact, one-third of them admit that they prolong visits to the doctor as long as possible. Letting health concerns take a backseat is a grave mistake: Small everyday symptoms could be the product of more serious health conditions. So, break the bad habit and take action. Be mindful of your body and stay in tune with the signals it sends you.

Chest pain

Chest pain is one of the most common health issues that plague men. Many of them associate this symptom with heart diseases, but this does not have to be the case. Constant pain in this region could also be the herald of lung conditions such as pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, and asthma.

Furthermore, this problem may point out to poor gastrointestinal health and conditions like acid reflux and stomach ulcer. They are quite recurrent among men and are the result of elevated stress levels and unhealthy nutrition. Therefore, address these two underlying causes or consult a doctor in case you notice the chest distress.

“Man boobs”

Developing what appear to be breasts is not only an aesthetic snag. It is the result of being overweight, or even worse, the medical condition known as gynaecomastia. It refers to the female breast tissue that appears in the wake of hormonal imbalance and testicles not producing enough testosterone.

Men who possess an optimal level of testosterone do not trigger this condition because estrogen is overpowered and gynaecomastia kept at bay. On the other hand, those who experience man boobs can undergo a plastic surgery that removes the breast tissue or take advantage of oestrogen drugs and testosterone supplements.


According to scientific studies, men are more prone to depression than women. This predicament is due to the higher levels of stress as well as restlessness. Basically, your brain struggles to get neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Faced with the shortage, it goes in the shutdown mode.

Detrimental behavior in the league of heavy drinking is one of the ways depression manifests itself. Well, these mental problems are not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of. Be vocal about what troubles you and seek help from friends, family, or professionals.

Urinal problems

Men experience a range of genital issues. Bloody urine, night loo visits, or urinating trouble is an indication that something might be wrong with the kidney, prostate, or liver. The blood in the urine is also linked to serious health conditions like prostate cancer, kidney stone, and inflammation of the bladder.

Those who neglect these issues increase the chances of further complications. And in case you need to perform a surgical procedure, do not shy away from it. Rely on trusted urological services and surgical specialists like Dr. Richard Laurence Haddad.

Erectile dysfunction

Many people blame mental problems for poor sexual performance. And while medications like cheap sildenafil can help with the immediate problem at hand, the root cause of it may be something else entirely. Namely, our body requires a good supply of blood to support the erection. Thus, erectile problems are often caused by weak cardiovascular health.

As you may know, heart disease occurs when arteries become clogged with fatty deposits. What most of te men do not realize is that a similar process first takes place in vessels that carry blood to the penis. In any event, this condition must not be taken lightly because it can forebode heart attack, heart failure, arterial disease, and even death.

A clean bill of health

Men cannot afford to let nature take its course or let the chips fall where they may. Preserving good health and well-being is neither a game of chance, nor a test of your manliness. It is a thing of common sense and protecting what matters the most in life. Hence, it is clear that males need to heed the early signs and avoid aggravating the problems. They are wake-up calls that allow one to steer away from perilous health issues down the road.

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