5 Fun And Healthy Activities To Brighten Your Life

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be the nightmare most people expect. Exercise can be fun, invigorating, and renewing to the human spirit. It can also be a great excuse for family bonding. Either way, staying active is a necessary step to enjoying a long-lasting life.

Avoid being afraid of creativity. Super enticing, fun activities can be exercise incognito. Take a moment to check out a few of these fun and healthy activities that will liven a person’s spirit and brighten up the world around.

Fly fishing builds character and arm strength.

Fly fishing takes a lot of time and patience. It provides the perfect reason to run off into the woods with a loved one and build some lasting memories. The peace and serene environment of the forest will excite the senses and bring light to a person’s heart.

Fly fishing also takes a lot of arm movement to whip the line around just as it should. Hours of whipping fishing lines and fly lures will work a person’s arms to the core under the convincing mask of fun.

Pile leaves up for an epic jumping session.

Most of us do not enjoy raking up endless bags of dead leaves during Fall. There is a way to make some mundane chores a bit more exciting. Try piling up all the leaves in the yard into one gigantic pile, and then jump! Jump, jump, and then jump again. Watch the kids laugh while picture perfect memories are made. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and a clean yard all in one active bundle.

Take a hike!

Simply walking down the road is great exercise, but it is boring. Try planning a hiking/camping trip with family or friends several times a season. Regular hiking and camping require a hefty dose of exercise and will promote a healthy heart, strong lungs, and strong muscles to match (even though the lungs technically ARE a muscle).

Exercising in this way provides the body with plenty of sunlight (packed with vitamin D) and clean air (trees are nature’s air purifiers), which are both highly beneficial for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Plant and maintain a vegetable/herb garden.

Gardening is an excellent source of exercise, and it is fun. Time spent in the garden tends to melt away the troubles of the day. It is not easily explained, except through experience.

Try growing some simple herbs and vegetables before attempting to produce a whole menu of goodies. After getting the hang of things, gardening will serve as a partner in life and health.

Volunteer with local social organizations.

Volunteering is emotionally rewarding as well as being an excellent way to sneak in a little bit of exercise. Get family and friends involved, too! A community of people helping a community of people sounds like a win-win situation. Get up and move to help someone in need.

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