4 Ways to Give Yourself a Cannabis Massage

According to a number of studies, smoking cannabis is not the only way of reaping the benefits of this plant. From relieving stress, pain, and insomnia, more individuals are now turning to medical cannabis when they’re in need of a promising solution to their problems. We all have our favourites and bicker over the best bong brands, but this is revolutionary. Cannabis lovers aren’t just simply sitting back and relaxing with a bong anymore, the introduction of cannabis massages has changed the way you relax! As such, places similar to Mankind Dispensary have a wide range of products that can help you to receive the medicinal benefits of this plant, allowing you to experience some much-needed relief from your ailments. In recent years, a number of people chose to indulge themselves in a therapeutic massage in which the professional masseur takes advantage of cannabis topicals to relieve clients of muscle pain. A pot contains anti-inflammatory compounds, it comes in handy with tender areas which require a bit of THC. You can try using thc honey oil, which has the additional anti-inflammatory component like honey. It is easily available in online cannabis dispensaries similar to Buy My Weed Online. When you apply the oil directly to your skin, this herb helps you in a localized area, meaning it provides you with an immediate relief. The following article lists several ways you can give yourself a cannabis massage.

Before You Start

In order to equip yourself with oils, balms and infused lotions, opt for a reliable medical marijuana dispensary. But to really make the most of the massage, take advantage of a cannabis-infused coconut oil which you can even make yourself.

1. Neck Massage and Headache Relief

Put the oil and the topical on your hands, and rub it onto the back, the sides of your neck, even the tops of your shoulders. Careful not to push too hard, and remember to keep the shoulders relaxed the entire time. This motion serves to warm up the area for an upcoming massage and you also begin to work in the pain-fighting and anti-inflammatory oil.

After several minutes, add more oil onto your thumbs and put your fingers behind your head, while keeping the elbows wide. Tick the chin in slightly in order to elongate your spine, while keeping your back straight, chest open and elbows parallel to the shoulders. Your thumbs need to be free and pointed downwards; use them to rub up and down along the back side of the neck.

2. Face and Jaw

Again, ensure you have enough oil on your hands, and continue on to your face, rubbing it in circular motion. Then use your middle and your index fingers and rub your temporal lobe in large, yet slow circular motions. If you notice a tight spot (usually somewhere above the temples, half inch into the hairline) apply a bit more pressure.

Move on to the upper part of your jaw and continue using the same fingers as before to massage the place in circular motions, or better yet, run them down from the joint to your chin. Remember to keep the jaw relaxed.

3. Quads

Sit on the edge of a chair and apply the topical to the top of the leg. To warm up the muscle, glide your hands all around, while rubbing the oil in. Use the heels of your hands to rub in and work them up and down the quad muscle for a couple of minutes.

Another option is to use your elbows and forearms. First, put some topical on your elbows and use them to rub the outside of your quads, slowly working them towards the inside. A few minutes into the massage, you can switch to your forearms. Leg cramps can really stop you in your tracks; you might want to learn more about how you could prevent leg cramps in the future so you’re able to keep doing the things you love to do.

4. Feet

Place a yoga mat on the floor, sit and assume a position in which the soles of your feet are touching. Keep the back straight and warm up your feet by gently rubbing each of them with the topical. Next, lean a bit forward and put your hands on your feet so that your palms are on the tops of your feet and your thumbs in the arch. Grip the tops of your feet with your palms and fingers and use thumbs to slide up and down the soles of the feet. If you feel a tender spot, gently push into it until you feel a release.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed or in pain, go for the topicals and these four simple massage movements that are bound to release aching and tense muscles. In combination with cannabis massage, topicals show to relieve cramps, ease headaches and help you come back to life.

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