4 Simple Ways To Boost Your Health This Year

Many people are finding themselves starting the new year with the urge to turn around their health.  Perhaps they overindulged in drinking alcohol and eating during the holidays, and find their pants tight and their energy low.  

Maybe you just see the new year as an excellent opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make changes that you’ve always wanted to see.  Whatever your motivation is, starting fresh is entirely possible, and it can even be simple.

Often people put off their health goals because they’re afraid it will be too much work.  But in reality, it’s as simple as laying down simple guidelines and following them. That doesn’t sound so difficult right?  Here are some of the best ways to get started.

Make a Commitment To Exercise

If you’re tired of feeling sluggish and weak, it’s probably because you don’t exercise.  Perhaps you signed up for a gym membership a long time ago, and you’ve never used it.  It can be frustrating to see that you have room for physical improvement yet haven’t put in the work yet.

Sometimes it’s as simple as making a commitment to yourself.  Promise yourself that you’ll show up for working out on certain days and times.  You should respect this commitment the same as you would a job or appointment.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar is one of those silent killers that people don’t even realize is hurting them.  Sure, maybe you know that you shouldn’t gobble down tubs of ice cream before bed, but did you know that sugar is found in much less obvious places?

You can find sugar in everything from most sauces to processed meat!  Sugar is often lurking in places that we least expect, and as a result, Americans are consuming more sugar than ever.

Reducing your sugar intake won’t’ just make your waistline smaller, but it can also improve sleep, gut health, and even mood.  You can also reduce your chances of certain diseases.

Get More Sleep

A lack of sleep will start to take its toll on your entire body not just physically but also mentally.  Your body becomes more susceptible to illness, and you aren’t as capable of concentrating for long periods of time.

Studies show that people who get at least 8 hours of sleep every night regularly are much happier and less prone to getting sick!

Exercise Your Brain

It’s not only important to exercise your body, but it’s also crucial to keep your brain in shape too.  Engaging in activities like reading, or using a pen and paper rather than a calculator will keep your brain more engaged and capable of concentrating for longer.  

If you’re someone who forgets things, often you may want to consider whether its a result of a lack of brain exercise!