4 reasons exercise makes you stay younger

It would be fair to say that exercise has become more “socially accepted” over the last few years, to coin a phrase. Of course, we’ve known the general health benefits for generations, and how it is key to staying slim. However, it’s only fairly recently where more and more people have taken it seriously, and this can be seen through the surge in gym memberships over time.

Something that isn’t quite as understood about exercise is the impact it has on our looks. No, we’re not referring to the way it can eliminate your bulging belly, or any other weight-related feature. Instead, this is all about the aging process.

It’s quite often forgotten that exercise can have a very similar impact to say, a facelift in Mexico (see our first point below). While the effects might not be quite as instant, if you do stick to a regular exercise regime you can roll back the years somewhat. Let’s take a look at the four reasons which can contribute to this.

Reason #1 – It can boost your skin

This first point relates to a piece of research conducted at the University of Ontario. It was found that a group of people who exercised regularly had more supple and elastic skin. Considering the fact that this is one of the first areas of your body that “falters” as you age, this was quite the breakthrough.

When they delved into the reasons behind this, they found that the body creates a substance which can slow the way in which the skin typically ages. Further research needs to be performed on this, but it’s a promising sign that exercise keeps you younger.

Reason #2 – Your posture will benefit

We’ve all seen the stereotypical silhouettes of older people; they tend to be hunched with poor posture. Again, this is where exercise can help you stay young.

Instead of a reduction in muscle and bone density, your strength training can help you retain these. As such, you’ll stand taller, and to the Average Joe you will look a whole lot younger.

Reason #3 – You will sleep better

As we all know, if you sleep more, your whole body benefits and can look younger.

Well, to complete the series, if you exercise more it makes you sleep better. It has been found that those people who exercise regularly will fall asleep quicker and the rest as they say, is history.

Reason #4 – Your cells will age slower

If there ever was definitive proof that exercise keeps you younger, it is with this final reason. The telomeres, which are based at the end of the chromosomes which take care of aging, usually get shorter as you get older. This is significant, as the longer your telomeres, the longer your cells should live.

The big point here is that exercise can lengthen these telomeres, meaning that your cells should age much slower and you might even live a bit longer!