4 Non-Surgical Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

We’ve all seen the celebrities that bounce back to perfect curves and toned muscles only months after giving birth. Or on the cover of magazines talking about their bikini bods. How do the rest of us seem to always have that lingering last 10 pounds that doesn’t seem to want to go away while celebrities so much as sneeze and they’ve lost 15?

While some of it is in their genes, there are several things that celebrities have that us mere mortals simply do not. Many of us sit around looking at ourselves in the mirror comparing ourselves and wondering what on earth we must be doing that make us look considerably different after 3 children than say, Gwen Stefani.

Don’t beat yourself up, however. There are some serious secret weapons that celebrities have access to that if everyone had, would certainly make them look pretty darn good too.


Coolsculpting is a process which freezes fat cells using a non-surgical procedure. It is one of the most popular fat reducing techniques which has extremely effective results.

By targeting and freezing stubborn fat areas which couldn’t otherwise be eliminated by exercise, such as post-baby weight, patients are left with smoother and slimmer waistlines.

Simply knowing that you can achieve your body goals through the treatment form of Cool Sculpting is enough motivation for people to give it a go themselves. Just like many celebrities have done already.

Personal Trainers

Celebrities have access to some of the prestigious personal trainers in the world. These trainers not only motivate them but have patented techniques that stretch beyond typical workout machines, cardio, and workout dvds.

They come at a price however that only a celebrity could afford. Some of them costing as much as $15,000 a session. The industry of looking good pays well and celebrities will pay that!


Experts say that nutrition accounts for 80% of weight loss success. You can run for hours a day and do as many pushups as you want. If your diet is full of high fat and sugar, you simply aren’t going to lose weight as effectively as if you had a carefully constructed meal plan full of whole foods which are calorically constructed to target fat loss.

One of the most difficult things about keeping a balanced diet is convenience. Sometimes if you’re hungry and there is a piece of pizza right there in front of you, it’s challenging to say no. Celebrities with nutritionists at their beck and call have a salad or perfectly cooked lean steak on demand at any moment they like.

The temptation of convenience is eliminated when you have a nutritionist on call to hand feed you the optimal meal plan.

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