4 Diets To Try Experimenting With Health Benefits

Your overall health is inextricably tied to your diet. And maybe as a child, you didn’t have a whole lot of control over what you ate and when, but as an adult, you have a whole lot more room to maneuver when it comes to finding the right diet for your lifestyle.

Generally speaking, you should follow officially sanctioned best practices for diet and exercise. But beyond that, there is some experimentation that you can do to see what sort of health benefits can be provided by different styles of diet. For example, you can try the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, vegetarianism, or even intentional and intelligent fasting is one way to move your system in a positive direction. Always follow the advice of a doctor or physician, but there is some room for you to experiment around the edges of those suggestions.

The Paleo Diet

A popular diet recently has been the Paleo diet. Basically, it’s a diet that mixes philosophy with modern practices of food. The science behind it is still in its early stages, but many people have found that they feel better and pay more attention to their food when approaching their diet from the Paleo, or ‘early man’, perspective. Just make sure to do a lot of research into how to make the Paleo diet work before moving toward any extreme dietary changes.

The Atkins Diet

One dieting system that has been popular for quite a long time now is the Atkins diet. Though some of the suggestions may seem counterintuitive, many people have had success using it even for shorter periods time to help with weight loss. Over time, researchers have found some issues with a strict Atkins diet, and it has led to health complications when people take it to the extreme, but there isn’t anything wrong with trying it out for your lifestyle if your doctor says that they can recommend it to help with your health issues.

Trying Vegetarianism

At some point in their lives, many people choose to try vegetarianism as a way to seek out positive health benefits. There are philosophical and practical reasons for having a plant-based diet. Many people who feel that the food industry is cruel to animals will move to vegetarianism, and then find out that their health improves along the way as a side effect.

Intentional and Intelligent Fasting

Some people will expound the benefits and detriments of doing short fasts as well. If you approach the idea of fasting as a way to understand your body and your health more completely, then you will probably get good results. However, if you just stop eating and assume that you’ll lose weight or that your body will change into the shape that you want it to, the chances are likely that you’re going to get sick. You have to be smart and intentional when it comes to fasting, and then it should be a positive experience for you.

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