3 Ways You Can Keep Your Household Healthy and Drug-Free

Drugs are an epidemic growing with frightening proportion in the modern world. With increasing technology that breaks down borders and makes communication over government lines easier, people are coming up with new ways every day to skirt the law to smuggle drugs in and out of countries and make a fortune selling illegal and harmful substances to people who are buying like it’s candy. It’s a terrifying problem. In today’s world, because of accessibility, more and more people are trying hard drugs and don’t think much about the fact that they will literally kill them.

If you’re raising children in this world, and you’re trying to figure out how to maintain a healthy household and keep everybody healthy and drug-free, you’re in for a long road. It’s really a lifestyle. So if you’re ready to tackle the issue head on and keep your family from premature death, here are 3 ways you can do that:


It’s smart to shelter your children to a certain extent, but many people go way overboard and ignore realities of the world. This creates a failure to educate children from a young age about things that are real, like drug abuse, or sex abuse. If you want to keep your household healthy and drug-free, do not neglect giving your children an education about the health risk of using drugs, the consequences of those actions, and about other harmful things that have grave effects on the quality of life that can be lived.

It goes farther than drugs. It has to do with sugar and medicine, lack of exercise, and using products that are laden with chemicals. You have to acknowledge the problem before a solution can be implemented. If you do notice more serious issues such as alcohol or drug addiction, then it may be time to consider professional treatment from the likes of this Chiang Mai Thailand rehab center. While some issues such as sugar dependency or junk food consumption may be solved through willpower and family support, some need more expert intervention.

Practice What You Preach

You can talk to your children about drugs and sex and eating healthy all you want, but if you’re not living what you preach, it’s going to have little effect. Make the lifestyle changes for yourself. Raise your children to find natural ways to deal with their problems. Teach them to talk about their feelings instead of stuff them. Teach them that there is an occasion for everything, but even good things need to be practiced in moderation.

If you raise your family to know what is good from a young age and you practice what you preach, they’re going to grow up with that and they will be less likely to make the kinds of decisions that will lead them down a path of no return.

Modify Your Reward System

We enter into the psychology realm, but from infancy people are taught that if they do “good” things, they will be rewarded. A piece of candy for going in the potty, money for good performance…this isn’t bad by itself, but it can set up bad lifestyle habits. Think about modifying your reward system. If you’ve had a long, tough day, teach your children to cope with something other than alcohol and 5 hours sitting in front of the television. It will make a difference in the way your children live their lives.

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