3 Ways to Remain Fit After 65

Staying fit and getting daily exercise along with maintaining a healthy diet are great ways to treat your body right. And while many people picture their ideal fit person as a runner or cycler in their 20s or 30s, remaining fit into your twilight years is just as important. In fact, if you’re able to stay fit in your 50s, 60s, and 70s, you have a better chance of avoiding some of the most common health problems that affect those in these ages brackets, like diabetes, injuries from falls, and heart problems. So to help you find healthy practices that will fit into your life, here are three ways you can remain fit after 65.

Get Your Heart Going

One of the most important things you can do for your body around age 65 is get your blood pumping at least five times a week. According to Wendy Bumgardner, a contributor to VeryWell.com, getting your heart rate raised for just 10 minutes a day can do wonders for keeping you fit and in shape as an older adult. To achieve an increased heart rate for exercise purposes, you can take part in activities like walking, swimming, dancing, or cycling. Not only will each of these activities get your blood moving, but they will also be a great way to keep off excess weight and keep your joints limber.

What Else Counts As “Exercise”?

If you’re not quite feeling up to putting on your exercise clothes and breaking a little sweat, there are other things you can do in your daily routine that can count toward your health and help you stay fit. The Family Health Team at the Cleveland Clinic shares that housework such as washing the dishes, vacuuming, gardening or folding laundry all have the benefit of getting you up and going. The most important thing is that you’re moving your body and building strength and stamina. By this measure, any activity that brings about that end will be beneficial to your health and physical fitness.

The Little-Known Focuses Of Fitness

While it’s good to increase your muscle mass and keep off extra pounds, there are other areas of your health that you need to be concerned with as you get older. Things that once were easy may not be so anymore, which means you’ll have to find ways to strengthen those parts of your mind and body now. NewsMax.com writes that people over 65 should also participate in activities that help with posture, balance, reaction time, breathing and cognitive function. Although these areas aren’t as easily seen as your weight, they are all part of your physical health as well and require just as much attention as your waistline.

If you or someone you know has struggled with how to maintain their health after 65, consider using some of the tips mentioned above to help increase their quality of life.

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