3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Everyone knows exercise is the key to good health, but it can be hard to find time, and motivation, to work out regularly. Are you struggling to maintain a fitness routine? Having the desire but not the willpower? Engaging in exercise on a daily basis is a lifestyle change that must become a habit for you to persevere towards results. Included here are a few ways to help you motivate yourself to workout daily.

Hold Yourself and Friends Accountable

Finding friends who also want to get in shape should not be too much of a challenge. However, keeping everyone motivated may be tricky and you can all fall off the wagon together. One thing that is for certain is that money talks. How does money affect your fitness goals, you ask? Recently, groups of friends have begun to realize that using monetary rewards and punishments will do more for their fitness goals than any motivational poster ever could.


The premise is simple, create a fund where each person must contribute a monetary “penalty” for each day they fail to work out. Set goals for the group, so when a person runs a set number of miles, works out a certain number of days, or reaches a weight goal they can be rewarded with money from the pool.

Initiate a Self-Reward System

For some, money is not a big enough motivator and they do not want to sign up for such a strict system. In these cases, it is helpful to find a healthy reward that this person enjoys. The idea is that each day that you work out you “earn” a reward of some kind. This could mean earning a weekly cheat meal, buying a pair of shoes you’ve been wanting, or saving for a trip. As long as you are finding a concrete motivator, you will be encouraged to workout.

Exercise in a Fun Way

One of the biggest problems with exercise is that people feel they need to dredge themselves to work on a daily basis. This means finishing an exhausting workday only to go push yourself physically under more fluorescent lights; that sounds draining even to the most fit enthusiast. Fortunately, there are many ways to get your body physically fit while staying out of those dreaded gyms.

For instance, it can be simple to practice yoga on a daily basis using an online teacher at home. Or, you may enjoy walking the dog everyday to areas that are beautiful and unique. Other exercises that can pair fun with fitness are hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing. There are plenty of things to do year-round that can be enjoyable while working your body.

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