3 Physically and Mentally Healing Benefits of Enjoying Art

For those who enjoy experiencing or participating in art, the many benefits of being exposed to art, music, theatre, and more are likely very apparent to you. But for those who have yet to see how having a cultured life can have a positive effect on all aspects of your life, you may be surprised to know that enjoying arts and culture can actually improve your mental and physical health by leaps and bounds.

The Mind and The Body

Creative and artistic mediums have been found to have a large impact both on a person’s mental and physical health, going far beyond just the way you feel about interacting with art. According to NIH News in Health, researchers have found that having artistic outlets in your life can help you better recover from diseases and fight infections. This has been found to be the case for both disease, injury, and psychological trauma, showing that experiencing any form of art not only will expand your mind, but it will also improve your ability to have a strong body.

Mood Enhancement From Art

While art and culture having the ability to boost your physical health is a great advantage and reason to bring more creativity into your life, we can’t overemphasize the positive effects art has on mental health and mood as well. As a result of research done by Heather L. Stuckey and Jeremy Nobel, it has been found that engaging in art, either as an observer or the artist, can enhance your mood and emotional stamina. This mood enhancement can have a profound impact on your physical health as well, proving to be beneficial to both your body and your mind.

Health and Life Satisfaction

A major part of having adequate physical health comes from the correct balance of having a good life and being happy with your life. To help you strike that balance perfectly, you may look for more ways to include art in your everyday activities.

According to a study reported on by Alice Park of Time Magazine, of people who stated that they participated in at least four cultural activities regularly, 84 percent claimed to be in good or very good health and 91 percent stated that they were very satisfied with their lives. This conclusion obviously draws links between the amount of arts and culture in  life and the amount of physical health and psychological contentment enjoyed.

Now that you know how art can help both your mind and body with healing benefits, keep in mind that art has many forms. You don’t have to visit a museum or spend hours at the Park West Gallery to see great results from arts and culture. So if you’re looking to take advantage of the health benefits offered by engaging in art, look for ways that complement your lifestyle and interest while still providing you with the benefits of better physical health, improved mood, and more contentment in your life.

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