Medical Benefits of Marijuana for Non-Pot Heads

Look, by no means am I any sort of advocate for or against the recreational use of marijuana, but pot smokers are perhaps some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I guess that has nothing to do with anything really, but there’s more to it than getting that ‘high’ as cannabis contains some properties which are becoming more and more accepted to have medicinal value.

Sure, as a super fitness fanatic I fully understand the need to sometimes use supplements in order to give one’s body the required nutrition to fuel and stimulate the intended effects of working out. If there was a way to get all those nutrients naturally, that’s how most of us would go about it. It would be really convenient to get your required daily dose of protein for building muscle mass without having to eat huge chunks of protein-rich foods, for instance, as opposed to say maybe heaping two spoonfuls of protein powder into a bottle to create a much more convenient protein shake.

In the same way, the medicinal properties of marijuana are delivered in a much more natural form as the marijuana plant grows naturally as is, with its leaf harvested as is. The synthetic process involved with recreating these medicinal benefits in the commercial pharmaceutical industry is way more expensive, while marijuana can in some cases even be grown for free for the harvesting of the same medicinal benefits.

For as many recreational pot heads I know, I also know a lot of medical marijuana users and by no means is there any indication that they’re secretly recreational users. A supplier of medical marijuana products such as may perhaps carry somewhat of an antagonising name in the ongoing need for a distinction between medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, but it is sources such as these from which one can go the cheapest route of obtaining the medicinal value they desire from the use of marijuana — buying cannabis seeds and growing it yourself.

Obviously you’ll have to ensure you comply with all the legal processes required around growing and consuming marijuana, but there are few greater joys than that of being able to take full control of something which directly affects the quality of your life. It’s not unlike having your own pain-management system which you can tap into anytime the need arises for instance, with its up-keep being as simple as looking after a plant whose natural inclination is to germinate.

If you’re serious about harvesting marijuana for its medicinal properties, you can choose to grow those varieties of the cannabis plant which are especially rich in the active chemical that’s responsible for the medicinal properties, tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC).

The other active chemical which is responsible for inducing the so-called “high” is cannabidiol (or CBD), but as I mentioned this would be aimed more for the recreational users as opposed to the medical users, or indeed recreational users who are also medical users. Either way, marijuana is about as close as you can get to a natural remedy for quite a few ailments and conditions which would otherwise be expensive to treat going the conventional medical route.

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