Exercise & Fitness – What’s the Point?

Inspiration and motivation are two drivers of success which come from an array of different sources, some of which are the unlikeliest of sources in existence. What matters though is that if you ever want to succeed at something, you alone have to find the inspiration and motivation which works for you. This applies to…

4 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight fast is something that a lot of people seek out since they may have a big event coming up.  Many people have an upcoming wedding or perhaps a high school reunion just around the corner and they feel like they have a few extra pounds they could stand to lose.  

Weight Loss: 7 Myths and Facts

Plenty of rumors regarding dieting and weight loss are circulating among your friends, family, and online. With everyone trying to lose weight and some people finding some short-term successes, it is easy to see how weight loss myths get started. We are all looking for answers so as soon as we see someone who appears…

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